Excel shortcuts

23 essential keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel

1. Ctrl + A: Select the entire worksheet

2. Ctrl + B: Bold selected text or cells

3. Ctrl + C: Copy selected text or cells

4. Ctrl + D: Fill down from the selected cell

5. Ctrl + F: Open the Find and Replace dialog box

6. Ctrl + G: Go to a specific cell or range in the worksheet

7. Ctrl + H: Open the Find and Replace dialog box with the Replace tab selected

8. Ctrl + I: Italicize selected text or cells

9. Ctrl + K: Insert a hyperlink

10. Ctrl + N: Open a new workbook

11. Ctrl + O: Open an existing workbook

12. Ctrl + P: Open the Print dialog box

13. Ctrl + R: Fill to the right from the selected cell

14. Ctrl + S: Save the active workbook

15. Ctrl + U: Underline selected text or cells

16. Ctrl + V: Paste the contents of the Clipboard

17. Ctrl + W: Close the active workbook

18. Ctrl + X: Cut the selected text or cells

19. Ctrl + Y: Repeat the last action

20. Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action

21. F2: Edit the active cell

22. F4: Repeat the last action

23. Shift + F3: Open the Excel Formula Builder

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