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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

If you're an Excel power user, you know that using keyboard shortcuts can help you work more efficiently in spreadsheets. But did you know that there are nearly 200 different keyboard shortcuts in Excel? That's a lot to remember!

In this article, we'll share with you the most important keyboard shortcuts that you need to know to work efficiently in Excel. We'll also provide a downloadable cheat sheet that you can use as a reference.

Note: This article is written for users of Excel for Windows. If you're a Mac user, you can find a list of Excel keyboard shortcuts for Mac here.

The Most Important Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are the most important ones to know if you want to work efficiently in Excel.

ShortcutActionCtrl + CCopyCtrl + VPasteCtrl + XCutCtrl + ZUndoCtrl + YRedoCtrl + FFindCtrl + HReplaceCtrl + ASelect allCtrl + BBoldCtrl + IItalicCtrl + UUnderlineCtrl + 1Format cellsCtrl + Shift + <Decrease font sizeCtrl + Shift + >Increase font sizeCtrl + Shift + 5StrikethroughCtrl + Shift + FFormat as currencyCtrl + Shift + ~Format as numberCtrl + Shift + %Format as percentageCtrl + Shift + !Format as exclamation pointCtrl + Shift + #Format as number signCtrl + Shift + @Format as at signCtrl + Shift + &Format as ampersandCtrl + Shift + *Format as asteriskCtrl + Shift + (Format as left parenthesisCtrl + Shift + )Format as right parenthesisCtrl + Shift + -Format as hyphenCtrl + Shift + _Format as underscoreCtrl + Shift + +Format as plus signCtrl + Shift + =Format as equal signCtrl + Shift + \Format as backslashCtrl + Shift + |Format as vertical barCtrl + Shift + :Format as colonCtrl + Shift + "Format as double quotation markCtrl + Shift + <Format as less than signCtrl + Shift + >Format as greater than signCtrl + Shift + /Format as forward slashCtrl + Shift + ?Format as question markCtrl + Shift + ^Format as caretCtrl + Shift + $Format as dollar signCtrl + Shift + (Format as left parenthesisCtrl + Shift + )Format as right parenthesisCtrl + Shift + -Format as hyphenCtrl + Shift + _Format as underscore<

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