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How to Clear the Contents of a Cell in Excel Using a Keyboard Shortcut

If you're like most people, you probably use your mouse to click on the little X that appears when you hover over the top right corner of a cell in Excel. But did you know that there's a keyboard shortcut that will do the same thing?

Just press the Delete key on your keyboard and the contents of the cell will be cleared. Easy, right?

If you want to clear the contents of multiple cells, you can select them all and then press the Delete key. Or, if you only want to clear the contents of one cell, you can press the F2 key to enter edit mode and then press the Delete key.

Either way, the contents of the cells will be cleared and you'll be able to enter new data.

So next time you're working in Excel and you need to clear the contents of a cell, give the keyboard shortcut a try. It's a lot faster than using your mouse and it'll help you get your work done more quickly.

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