Financial modelling terms explained

Revenue Stream

Revenue streams refer to a source of income for a company, usually from the sale of a product or service. The business can count on a revenue stream to provide it with a predictable source of income over a period of time.

What Is a Revenue Stream?

A revenue stream is a flow of revenue over time. It can be generated from a variety of sources, including sales, leases, royalties, or fees. In financial modelling, it is important to understand the revenue stream for a company in order to forecast its future cash flow and profitability.

How Do You Calculate a Revenue Stream?

Revenue streams are one of the most important aspects of financial modelling. They are used to track the income generated by a company or project. In order to calculate a revenue stream, you need to know the company's or project's revenue and the time period over which that revenue will be generated. Once you have these figures, you can use a simple formula to calculate the revenue stream. The formula is:

Revenue Stream = Revenue / Time Period

For example, if a company has a revenue of $100,000 and the time period is 5 years, the revenue stream would be $20,000 per year.

What Are the Different Ways in Which a Revenue Stream Can be Calculated?

There are a few different ways in which a revenue stream can be calculated. The most common way is to simply multiply the number of units sold by the price per unit. However, this method can be inaccurate if the price changes over time or if different versions of the product are sold at different prices.

Another way to calculate revenue is to use a weighted average price, which takes into account the number of units sold at each price. This can be more accurate than the simple method, but it can also be more complicated to calculate.

A third way to calculate revenue is to use a segmented average price, which separates out different types of sales (such as new and used products) and calculates the average price for each type. This can be helpful for understanding how different parts of the business are performing.

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