Early-stage startups

Startups use Causal to calculate runway, track KPIs, plan employee compensation, and build investor-ready financial models for fundraising.

Causal makes modelling easy, and most importantly maintainable. I used to quickly lose trust in my Excel models right as I forgot the underlying mechanics, but Causal makes it super simple and reliable.

Christophe Pasquier, CEO

Causal's scenario planning and reporting capabilities have transformed the way we plan and communicate with our team and shareholders. It's a no brainer if you run a business.

Tal Meser, CEO
Community Templates
Simple financial model for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business.
Find out when your company will run out of money.
Personal Finance
Should you buy a house or rent?
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Flexible Modelling

Stop grappling with cell references and broken formulas.

10x fewer formulas for the same model

Causal's formulas are in plain English— no cell references or obscure syntax — and a single Causal formula can do the work of 10s, and even 100s of spreadsheet formulas.

Built-in scenario + sensitivity analysis

Causal's built-in Scenarios feature lets you easily set up and compare what-if scenarios, and you can work with ranges ("5 to 10") to understand the full range of possible outcomes of your model.

Dynamic Reporting

Share models that will engage your team.

Beautiful visualisations in 1 click

Generate beautiful charts and tables without spending hours on customisation and configuration. Easily switch between different time scales and summary views.

Present interactive dashboards

Share your model in an interactive dashboard, letting your team adjust the assumptions in real-time, without any chance of breaking anything.

See an example.

Data integrations

Never deal with CSVs again.

Live data integrations with your stack

Pull financial data directly from your accounting system, and combine it with operational data from your CRM and analytics tools to build fully integrated models. Consolidate data from multiple sources + business entities.

See our full list of integrations.

Budget vs Actuals, automated

Automatically track the performance of your model against actual data, and against historical model versions. Easily compare historical model versions (e.g. Annual Budget) against actuals and current forecasts.

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Zack, Head of Finance

"I’ve moved our entire financial model into Causal. I no longer spend time on manual plumbing, and can focus on playing a strategic role in the company."

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