Causal for Finance Teams

Causal is your all-in-one financial planning tool — build models effortlessly, combining financial and operational data, and present live reports to your stakeholders.

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all-in-one financial planning

Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time as a strategic business partner.

Automatically pull historicals

Stop spending 2 days every month pulling actuals via csv's and manually calculating variances.

Causal connects directly to your data and automatically compares your budgets and forecasts against the actuals each month.

Build models and scenarios effortlessly

Stop grappling with formulas and cell references.

Causal uses 100x fewer formulas to build exactly the same model as Excel, and our built-in scenarios feature lets you spin up unlimited what-if scenarios.

Beautiful, interactive reporting

Stop maintaining multiple files and versions for different stakeholders.

Causal lets you turn a single model into as many custom, interactive dashboards as you want, different for each stakeholder.


2 days per month spent pulling and consolidating data

Excel requires you to manually export reports from your accounting system each month, and paste into your spreadsheet, which is time-consuming and error-prone. If you have multiple entities, you need to manually consolidate them.

Manual budget-vs-actuals process + no version history

Once actuals are pulled in, calculating the differences between the forecast, the annual budget, and the actuals is manual and time-consuming. There is no way to look back at historical versions after-the-fact.

Difficult for stakeholders to ask questions

Sharing the whole spreadsheet file with stakeholders isn't feasible. But pasting charts and tables into slide decks is static — any questions need to go through the finance team.

Formula errors decreased accuracy and maintainability

Making changes to an Excel model is time-consuming and error-prone. Formula errors lead to inaccurate numbers.


Automatic data import + consolidation

Causal connects directly to all 5 of your business entities in your accounting system, and pulls new data automatically at the end of each month. Actuals get filled in and rolling forecasts update automatically.

Full version history with automatic budget-vs-actuals

Causal saves a full history of model versions, and the built-in forecast-vs-actuals functionality lets you generate custom reports comparing model versions to actuals, in just a few clicks.

Stakeholders use models in real-time to make decisions

Causal's interactive dashboards are used in real-time during meetings to discuss different scenarios and make decisions. External investors engage much more with Causal models than static slide decks.

Easy to spot errors and maintain models over time

Causal's formulas are in plain English, and it takes 10x fewer models to build the same model as Excel. Updating the model's structure is much easier, and errors are easy to spot and fix.

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Zack, Head of Finance

"I’ve moved our entire financial model into Causal. I no longer spend time on manual plumbing, and can focus on playing a strategic role in the company."

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See how Causal can automate your financial planning:

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Less time grappling with data, more time as a strategic partner to the business.

Pull in actuals from anywhere, automatically

Causal has live data integrations with accounting systems (QuickBooks, Xero), ERPs (NetSuite, Sage, SAP), CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot) and

Compare budgets, actuals, and versions in 1 click

Save multiple versions and automatically compare them against actuals. No need to update formulas when actuals come in.


Keep stakeholders in the loop with live dashboards that they'll love

Beautiful visuals in 1 click

Causal's charts are beautiful without any configuration, but give you the flexibility to customise as much as you need.

Versions, views, permissions

Set granular permissions for each team member. Hide sensitive salary information while sharing higher level expense summaries.

Interactive dashboards

Causal lets you share your models in interactive dashboards. Stakeholders can adjust assumptions without any chance of breaking anything.


Less time grappling with data, more time as a strategic partner to the business.

10x fewer formulas

Causal's formulas are in plain English— no cell references or obscure syntax — and a single Causal formula can do the work of 10s, and even 100s of spreadsheet formulas.

Built-in scenario planning

Causal's built-in Scenarios feature lets you easily set up and compare what-if scenarios, and you can work with ranges ("5 to 10") to understand the full range of possible outcomes of your model.

Cohort modelling

Causal's cohort modelling functionality lets you forecast on a cohort level without unwieldy formulas.

See how Causal can automate your financial planning:

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