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Unlimited models + scenarios

100 variables

Google Sheets integration

Ideal for personal use or simple models for early stage companies.



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Everything in Free, plus:

Unlimited variables

Faster computation

HTML embedding

Version history

Ideal for SMBs, sales teams, marketing teams, and engineering teams.


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Everything in Pro, plus:

Premium data integrations

Forecast vs Actuals

White-glove implementation

1-on-1 training, priority support

Granular access controls

Cohort modelling

Excel export

Ideal for finance teams at mid-market companies (50+ headcount).
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frequently asked questions
What does Causal do?

Causal is a tool for performing calculations, visualising data, and communicating with numbers. It replaces workflows that are typically done in Excel and Google Sheets.

How long does it take to learn Causal?

Causal only has a handful of core concepts. It takes ~30 minutes to learn them, and a couple of hours of modelling to really understand the "Causal way" of doing things.

Who typically uses Causal?

Finance teams are the biggest users of Causal, but every team in a company has use-cases for modelling — sales, marketing, engineering, etc.

Can Causal connect to my data?

Causal can pull historicals from any data source that you use. You can use the historicals to calculate metrics and perform rolling forecasts. See Integrations for a full list of data sources that we support.

What counts as a 'user'?

A 'user' is someone who has the ability to build/edit models (formulas, etc). You can have unlimited viewers of model dashboards on any plan.

Is Causal secure? Where is my data stored?

Security and privacy are of paramount important to us, and we are SOC 2 compliant. Causal is hosted on Google Cloud. Read more about our security policies here.

Do you offer 1-on-1 training/support?

We offer hands-on training and support as part of our Business plan. We typically run 4 x 1-hour training sessions as part of the onboarding, and use shared Slack channels for priority support.

Can you implement my Excel model in Causal?

Yes — we have a team of financial modelling specialists who can build your existing spreadsheet model in Causal.

Can you help me set up a model from scratch?

Yes — our financial modelling specialists can work with you to set up a new model from scratch, for internal planning or fundraising.

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