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Revenue-Led Planning

Model effortlessly, forecast collaboratively, storytell effectively
Financial Modeling

Dynamic modelling to unlock deeper planning and insights

Build and manage integrated models that drive accurate revenue (cohorts, multi-dimensional) and expense (OPEX, labor) projections in a unified way to help you make better business decisions in record time.

Set up unlimited driver-based scenarios, managed automatically by Causal. For uncertain drivers, use ranges ("5% to 10%") and see the full range of possible
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750 employees, Post-IPO
“We evaluated a range of financial modelling products, but Causal was the only platform that provided the modelling flexibility that we needed, without requiring external consultants to manage it. Causal has freed up my team’s time to focus on value-additive work with confidence in our numbers, and the Causal team are a pleasure to work with.”
Dina Fok
Business Analysis Lead

Complex revenue modelling made simple

Before Causal, Marley Spoon's revenue model was disconnected from the underlying data (in Snowflake), and costing the team hours every week to maintain.

With Causal, Dina's team have re-created their revenue model with 100x fewer formulas, incorporating live data from Snowflake, and outputting the results to Looker.

Automate and unite data in seconds

Pull financial data directly from your accounting system, and combine it with operational data from your CRM and data warehouse to build fully integrated models.

Consolidate data from multiple sources and business entities into a single view, with the ability to drill down into granular detail when you need.

Automatically track the performance of your model against actual data, and compare model versions (e.g. Budget) against actuals and re-forecasts.
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85 employees, $46m raised
"Causal is a game changer for us - we moved from manual and siloed forecasting processes in Excel to now having automatically ingested actuals and  dynamic and intelligent projections and forecasts. We can now communicate results quickly and accurately while being a true business partner to the rest of the organization."
Thomas Egbert
SVP Finance

Modelling with 3x the accuracy in record time

Prefect’s finance team now acts quickly on requests across the business, letting be strategic partners to the business, informing decisions and advising across the business.

Prefect’s finance team sends budget vs actual reports in seconds, quickly evaluates and presents scenarios to leadership, and answers investor questions promptly, all while spending a third of the time modelling, with twice the accuracy.

Empower stakeholders with interactive dashboards

Generate beautiful charts and tables without spending hours on customisation and configuration.

Set up custom views and permissions for each stakeholder, with a single underlying source of truth.
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Live data integrations
Connect to your data, wherever it lives. Pull in actuals from your accounting system (Xero, QuickBooks), ERP (NetSuite, SAP, Sage), CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot), and more.
Cohort modelling
Build dynamic cohort models to better track  the performance (retention, goals) over each group over time
Multi-dimensional modelling
Build multi-dimensional models (multiple countries, products, regions, business units) without any duplication of work.
Custom views and permissions
Show each stakeholder the information that's relevant to them, without revealing sensitive data (e.g. salaries) or duplicating work.
Budget-vs-actuals on autopilot
Save different versions of your model (e.g. "Budget", "Reforecast") and let Causal automatically compare them against the actuals, and visualise them beautifully.
Multi-currency, multi-entity consolidation
Incorporate multiple business entities with different currencies into a single consolidated view, with the ability to drill-down into granular detail.
27 Employees, Series a
“Causal has let me automate our routine finance processes to give me a lot more leverage in my role, and the Causal dashboards have increased transparency and alignment throughout the company.”
Aidan Davies
Chief of Staff

Greater transparency and alignment in the business

Before Causal, Aidan was spending countless hours every month on routine finance processes and answering basic requests from the company.

With Causal, every stakeholder in the company can transparently access targets and metrics self-serve, and Aidan can focus on helping the business make better decisions.
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