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Integrate your client’s accounting data sources directly into their financial model in just a few clicks. Causal requires 10-100x fewer formulas than Excel, allowing you to build beautiful visuals and dashboards for your clients.

Become a trusted financial partner to startups and enterprises. As part of the Partner Program, we will also connect you with the hundreds of businesses in our network who are looking for financial expertise.

What we offer Fractional CFOs

Revenue Share

Grow your business with a revenue-share partnership with Causal. Earn money for every client that you refer to our platform.

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Unlock the full power of Causal with discounts and preferred pricing for both our Launch and Growth Plan.

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Partner with Causal experts to get premium support and hands-on training. Learn the full power of Causal in minutes.

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Why Causal?

Live data integrations
Connect to your data, wherever it lives. Pull in actuals from your accounting system (Xero, QuickBooks), ERP (NetSuite, SAP, Sage), CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot), and more.
Cohort modelling
Build dynamic cohort models to better track  the performance (retention, goals) over each group over time
Multi-dimensional modelling
Build multi-dimensional models (multiple countries, products, regions, business units) without any duplication of work.
Custom views and permissions
Show each stakeholder the information that's relevant to them, without revealing sensitive data (e.g. salaries) or duplicating work.
Budget-vs-actuals on autopilot
Save different versions of your model (e.g. "Budget", "Reforecast") and let Causal automatically compare them against the actuals, and visualise them beautifully.
Get setup in minutes
Leverage data wizards and custom templates to start building models instantly.

Share progress with your team and investors

Put reporting on autopilot with Causal's live dashboards — let your team and investors see your numbers and play with key assumptions, without breaking your model.

Causal gives you beautiful charts and tables out of the box, and lets you slice-and-dice to create the views you need.
Budget vs Actuals

“How are we tracking against our plan?”

Save versions of your model (e.g. "Budget"), and compare them side-by-side in charts and tables against the actuals to understand variances. No more manual work in rolling the model forwards.
Flexible Modeling

“How can we actually 3x revenue next year?”

It’s well and good setting an ambitious top-down target, but you also need a credible bottom-up plan to get there. Causal’s templates give you a great starting point to set realistic targets.

Automate and unite data in seconds

Pull financial data directly from your accounting system, and combine it with operational data from your CRM and data warehouse to build fully integrated models.

Consolidate data from multiple sources and business entities into a single view, with the ability to drill down into granular detail when you need.

Automatically track the performance of your model against actual data, and compare model versions (e.g. Budget) against actuals and re-forecasts.
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