Causal for Financial Planning

A single source of truth that keeps your company and stakeholders on the same page.

  • Interactive dashboard view for reporting
  • Rolling forecasts that update automatically with actuals
  • Scenario planning + sensitivity analysis in minutes, not hours
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Tal Meser
Causal's scenario planning and reporting capabilities have transformed the way we plan and communicate with our team and shareholders. It's a no brainer if you run a business.
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Tal Meser, CEO

Reporting & visualisation

Live interactive dashboards out-of-the-box
  • 01
    An interactive dashboard for your team

    Let your team play with your model's assumptions to understand different scenarios, without accidentally breaking anything.

    Click here to see a live demo.

    interactive dashboard
  • 02
    Live data integrations

    Connect directly to your data, so your reports are always up-to-date.

  • 03
    teams and permissions
    Teams & Permissions

    Control who can edit and view each model and report.

  • 04
    version control
    Version Control

    No need to send updated spreadsheets in email attachments.


Get every team on the same page
  • 05
    Every team's budget, connected

    Each team creates their own budget, and you simply link them together. Everything is always up-to-date.

    No more copying/pasting data across multiple spreadsheets.

    linked models

Scenario planning

What-if scenarios and sensitivity analysis out of the box
  • 06
    Unlimited scenarios, no duplication

    Generate custom scenarios in seconds, without having to duplicate anything or wrangle with data tables.

    Visualise multiple scenarios side-by-side in one click.

    scenario planning
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