The Financial Planning Software Scorecard

We've outlined the key questions all finance leaders need to ask as they evaluate FP&A softwares for their business

The finance function has matured greatly over the past decade. Gone are the days of finance focusing all their time on reporting actuals and planning for annual budgets. Executive teams have high expectations for finance: it's seen as a strategic partner to the business as it flexes its revenue-led modelling, data transformation and storytelling skills to evaluate and inform business decisions. 

This shift has led to a need for the finance leaders of today and tomorrow to step up. Not only do they need to build tangible skills (modelling and data manipulation), but finance leaders are also expected to select and adopt the right softwares to allow them to be even better partners to the rest of their business.

At the center of this technological shift is the emergence of Financial Planning (FP&A) Software. FP&A softwares enable finance teams to make better decisions, faster by automating manual tasks, connecting data throughout the business, and empowering deeper analysis via modelling and analytics.

Over the past few years, the number of softwares in the financial planning space has exploded, with many having their own unique approach to helping finance teams succeed. With time always at a premium for finance teams, partnering with the right software can drastically increase productivity, while picking the wrong one can do the opposite.

What we’ve found here at Causal is that customers who take the time to understand their specific needs prior to evaluation are more likely to be successful. That starts with defining your objectives and then asking the right questions.

To support you in doing just that, we’ve created two key scorecards for you to use (linked here: Causal FP&A Scorecard Doc.)

Please click on the Google Doc link here to gain access to both scorecards: Causal FP&A Scorecard Doc.


We hope this helps with your financial planning software evaluation. The team here at Causal wishes you the best on your finance transformation journey! 

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