How much do Facebook Ads Cost?

CPM, CPC, Conversion Rate (updated August 2020)

How much do Facebook ads cost? It’s a popular question, and unfortunately the truth — ‘it depends’ — isn’t particularly useful. Fortunately at Causal, we can do better.

Whether you’re planning annual budgets, benchmarking your performance or researching the cost of investing in Facebook Ads, you need to find data you can trust. Modeling is a case of ‘garbage in, garbage out’. If you aren’t making the right assumptions going in, the model you build won’t be reliable enough to make key business decisions. But how do you find good data on Facebook Ads CPM, CPC, Conversion Rate and other metrics?

The good news? We did the research so you don’t have to — we worked tirelessly to aggregate and rank all the best references to Facebook Ads benchmark data on the internet. Now rather than endless Googling, you get a realistic average, aggregated from 9 original data sources, all in one regularly updated place.

Average Facebook Ads CPC: $0.88

What is an average Facebook Ads CPC? The average from 11 sources is $0.88, the median is $0.62, and the latest published metric is $1.72.

Facebook Ads Conversion Rate — 4.4%

What is an average Facebook Ads Conversion Rate? The average from 3 sources is 4.4%, the median is 3%, and the latest published metric is 9.21%.

Facebook Ads CPM — $8.27

What is an average Facebook Ads CPM? The average from 3 sources is $8.27, the median is $7.84, and the latest published metric is $7.84.

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How can I use this data?

If you're looking to build a Facebook Ads forecast, look no further.

We've taken the benchmarks above and put them into an interactive dashboard below. Feel free to tweak the forecast's inputs along the top row to suit your business, and your budgets.

You'll notice that some of the inputs have ranges in them. We've done this because nothing in marketing is certain. Even though the benchmarks above give us a good idea of what metrics like cost per click will come out as, we can't know for sure.

Causal accounts for this by letting you input ranges, and then running thousands of simulations within the ranges you define. You can see the outputs from this in the graphs below.

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