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Causal Scenarios for Google Sheets

Forecast with uncertainty, without leaving your spreadsheet.

We recently wrote about why it's important to account for uncertainty when building models and forecasts. (Causal is a good way to do it!)

You're sold, but you've invested a lot of time into your spreadsheet models, and you don't want to move them into a new tool yet. That's okay — you can now account for uncertainty without leaving your spreadsheet, with the Causal Scenarios add-on for Google Sheets.

How it works

Causal Scenarios lets you define ranges for your model's assumptions, and the add-on runs hundreds of simulations to show you the range of possible scenarios.

Step 1: Define your inputs

Your model will have various uncertain assumptions. For each, select its cell and enter the plausible range of values that the assumption could take on.

Step 2: Select your outputs

Select a cell or range of cells for the main outputs of your model.

Step 3: Run the simulation

Causal uses your input ranges to run simulations, determining the range of possible values for your outputs.

And of course, if you find the add-on useful, then you may find Causal useful too. Let us know what you think: hi@causal.app.

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