The Causal Startup Suite

A collection of customisable models to help you run your company.


Startup Runway Calculator

Calculate when you'll run out of money.

How long until we need to get profitable? How long until we need to fundraise again? How can we make our cash last longer?

This calculator helps you answer these questions.

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KPI Tracker + Notion template

Track your metrics against your goals.

Is my company doing well? Is our strategy working? Which projects should we prioritise? The right KPIs give objective answers to these questions.

You should do a "retrospective" each week, reflecting on what went well, what can be improved, and how you're feeling.

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Employee Compensation Calculator

Give new hires transparency into their cash and equity compensation.

New hires want to share in the financial upside if your company succeeds, but equity compensation can be confusing.

This calculator makes it easy for them (and you!) to understand the value of their stock options and total compensation.

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Sales/Marketing Funnel

Understand what your funnel needs to look like to hit your revenue targets.

What's a realistic revenue target? When can we expect to hit it? How can we get there faster?

Modelling out your funnel helps you answer these questions, based on the different steps in your customer's journey, and your conversion rates at each step.

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