Causal Presents

The SaaS Financial Model

A fully customisable model for early-stage companies, built in Causal.

Forecast with (un)certainty

Causal lets you work with ranges, so that your forecasts account for all possible outcomes, not just one scenario. Learn more

Keep everyone on the same page

Causal's visual modelling UI and natural language formulas let anyone understand and work on your model. Learn more

Integrate with Stripe in 1 click

Causal's live data integrations (Sheets, Stripe, and more) let your models stay up-to-date without any manual data import/export. Learn more

Live Demo

Adjust the assumptions using the inputs at the top and see the effects on the visuals underneath. Click "View Model Calculations" to see the variables + formulas.

Customise this template for your own business

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Build smarter models, faster

Spend less time grappling with spreadsheets and manually importing data, and more time working with your team to make better decisions for your business.

Ranges & distributions

Express uncertain assumptions as ranges, like 5 to 10%. Causal uses Monte Carlo simulation to show you the range of possible outcomes of your model.

Readable formulas

Build your model using variables, not cells. With natural language formulas, anyone can quickly understand your model (including future you), and you can spot errors easily.


Create time-series models with no manual setup. Time-series formulas Just Work™, and you can automatically see quarterly and annual summaries for monthly models.

Version control

Keep a single, up-to-date model so everyone's on the same page. No need for emails with Model_V12_Final.xlsx attached.

Data integrations

Connect directly to your data, wherever it is, so your models can use actual historicals to stay up-to-date. Never import/export CSV's again.

Interactive dashboards

Share interactive dashboards for your models, letting your team easily play with assumptions and scenarios without breaking the model.