Excel Guides

Seeing Excel's Program Window

When you first open Excel, you'll see the program window. This is where you'll do all your work in Excel. The program window is made up of several different areas:

The Ribbon: The ribbon is the strip across the top of the window that contains all the commands you'll need to use in Excel. The ribbon is divided into tabs, and each tab has its own set of commands. You can customize the ribbon to better suit your needs.

The Worksheet Area: This is the main area where you'll enter data and perform calculations. Each workbook can have multiple worksheets, and each worksheet can have multiple cells. Cells are where you enter data, and they're identified by their column and row headers.

The Formula Bar: The formula bar is where you enter formulas and functions. Formulas are used to perform calculations on data, and functions are used to perform specific tasks. The formula bar also displays the results of your formulas and functions.

The Status Bar: The status bar is located at the bottom of the program window. It displays information about your current selection, such as the number of selected cells, the sum of those cells, and so on.

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