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Searching for All in Excel

If you're looking for a specific value in an Excel spreadsheet, the Find and Replace features are the quickest way to search for and replace that value. To find and replace values in an Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Click the Home tab, then click Find & Select in the Editing group.
  2. Click Replace. The Find and Replace dialog box appears.
  3. In the Find what: box, type the value you want to find. If you're not sure of the exact value, you can use wildcards (? for any single character or * for any sequence of characters). For more information about using wildcards, see Use wildcards in Excel searches.
  4. In the Replace with: box, type the value you want to use as a replacement.

  5. Do one of the following:

    • To replace all occurrences of the value you specified in step 3, click Replace All.
    • To replace only some of the occurrences, click Find Next , make your changes, and then click Replace. Repeat this step until you've replaced all the occurrences you want to change.

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