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ISO Week Numbers in Excel

Excel does not have a built-in function to display the ISO week number, but you can create a user-defined function (UDF) to do this. The following code, which you can paste into a module sheet in your workbook, implements the ISOWeekNum function.

Function ISOWeekNum(DateIn As Date) As Integer
  ' Returns the ISO 8601 week number for a given date.
  ' (ISO 8601 weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday.)
  ' Requires the DateIn argument to be a valid date.

  Dim Jan1 As Date
  Dim Dec31 As Date
  Dim WeekNum As Integer

  Jan1 = DateSerial(Year(DateIn), 1, 1)
  Dec31 = DateSerial(Year(DateIn), 12, 31)

  WeekNum = Int((DateDiff("d", Jan1, DateIn) + 6) / 7)

  If WeekNum = 0 Then
    WeekNum = ISOWeekNum(DateSerial(Year(DateIn) - 1, 12, 31))
  ElseIf WeekNum = 53 And Dec31.DayOfWeek <> vbSunday Then
    WeekNum = 1
  End If

  ISOWeekNum = WeekNum
End Function

After you enter this code, you can use the ISOWeekNum function just like any other Excel function. For example, if cell A1 contains a date value, you can display the ISO week number for that date in cell B1 with the formula =ISOWeekNum(A1). If cell A1 is blank or contains an invalid date, this formula will return an error value.

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