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Creating Individual Workbooks in Excel

Assuming you have a list of names in column A and data corresponding to each name in columns B through G, you can use the following steps to create an individual workbook for each name with their corresponding data.

  1. In cell H1, type "Workbook Name"
  2. In cell H2, type =B1&".xlsx"
  3. Select cells H1:H2
  4. Click the Home tab
  5. Click the small arrow next to Format as Table in the Styles group
  6. Click Format as Table
  7. Click OK in the Format as Table dialog box
  8. The range will now be formatted as a table with the "Workbook Name" in column 1 and the formula in column 2. The table will expand as you add more names to column A.

  9. 9. To create the individual workbooks, do the following:

      10. In the Save As dialog box, select a location for the new workbooks, make sure that the "Save as type" is set to Excel Workbook (*..xlsx), and then click Save.

      12. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for each name in column A.

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