Excel Guides

Correcting a Capital Mistake in Excel

If you have accidentally entered data in the wrong cells, or if you need to move data to different cells, you can use the cut, copy, and paste commands to correct your mistake. You can also use these commands to insert blank rows or columns.

Cut, Copy, and Paste

To move data within a worksheet, first select the cells that contain the data. Then click the Cut or Copy button on the Home tab. Next, select the cell where you want to move the data, and click the Paste button.

Insert Blank Rows or Columns

If you need to insert blank rows or columns in your worksheet, you can use the Insert command. To insert a row, select a cell in the row where you want to insert the new row. Then click the Insert button on the Home> tab, and click Insert Sheet Rows. To insert a column, select a cell in the column where you want to insert the new column. Then click the > button on the > tab, and click .

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