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A Ruler in Excel

A ruler in Excel is a great way to keep your spreadsheet organized and tidy. By default, a ruler is not visible in Excel. To turn on the ruler, go to View > Show > Ruler. The ruler will appear along the top and left side of your spreadsheet.

You can use the ruler to adjust the width of columns and the height of rows. To adjust the width of a column, click and drag the left or right edge of the column header. To adjust the height of a row, click and drag the top or bottom edge of the row header.

The ruler can also be used to align text within cells. To do this, select the cell or cells that you want to align, then click on one of the alignment buttons in the Alignment group on the Home tab. The options are: Align Left, Center, Align Right, Justify, and General. You can also use the buttons in this group to increase or decrease the indentation of selected text.

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