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Shortcuts to Show Formulas in Excel

Formulas are the key to getting things done in Excel. They're also the key to making sure your work is error-free. But sometimes, formulas can be long and complicated. If you're working on a complex spreadsheet, it can be helpful to see all the formulas at once. That way, you can check for errors, and make sure that the formulas are doing what you want them to do.

There are a few different ways to view formulas in Excel. The first is to use the shortcut key Ctrl + `. This shortcut will toggle the formulas on and off. So if you're looking at a cell, and you see the formula =SUM(A1:A5), pressing Ctrl + ` will toggle that formula off, and you'll just see the result, 15. Press the shortcut key again, and the formula will reappear.

Another way to view formulas is to use the Formulas tab on the ribbon. On the Formulas tab, there's a button called Show Formulas. Clicking this button will show all the formulas in the worksheet. To turn the formulas off again, click the button a second time.

If you want to see the formulas in just a few cells, you can select those cells, and then press Ctrl + `. This will toggle the formulas on and off for just the selected cells.

Finally, if you want to see the formulas for a specific cell, you can click on the cell, and then press F2. This will show the formula in the cell, and you can make changes to it if you need to. Press Enter when you're done, and the cell will go back to showing the result of the formula.

Using these shortcuts, you can quickly and easily view the formulas in your Excel spreadsheet. So if you're ever having trouble with a formula, or you just want to check that everything is working the way it should, these shortcuts will come in handy.

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