Excel shortcuts

25 Keyboard Shortcuts for Filtering Data in Excel

1. Ctrl+Shift+L: Apply or remove filters

2. Ctrl+Shift+F: Filter by selected cell's value

3. Ctrl+Shift+R: Filter by selected cell's color

4. Ctrl+Shift+O: Filter by selected cell's font color

5. Ctrl+Shift+S: Filter by selected cell's fill color

6. Ctrl+Shift+T: Filter by selected cell's cell style

7. Ctrl+Shift+U: Filter by selected cell's conditional formatting

8. Ctrl+Shift+V: Filter by values

9. Ctrl+Shift+W: Filter by wildcard

10. Ctrl+Shift+X: Filter by regular expression

11. Ctrl+Shift+Y: Filter by dynamic criteria

12. Ctrl+Shift+Z: Filter by cell values

13. Ctrl+Shift+1: Filter by number

14. Ctrl+Shift+2: Filter by text

15. Ctrl+Shift+3: Filter by date

16. Ctrl+Shift+4: Filter by time

17. Ctrl+Shift+5: Filter by cell values

18. Ctrl+Shift+6: Filter by color

19. Ctrl+Shift+7: Filter by font color

20. Ctrl+Shift+8: Filter by fill color

21. Ctrl+Shift+9: Filter by cell style

22. Ctrl+Shift+0: Filter by conditional formatting

23. Ctrl+Shift+-: Filter by values

24. Ctrl+Shift+=: Filter by wildcard

25. Ctrl+Shift+`: Filter by regular expression

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