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We write about numbers and adjacent topics — statistics, data, visualisation, and best practices for modelling and forecasting.
re-re-reselect — Simplifying React state management
By building our own framework for composing frontend stores we significantly improved the developer experience of our React app.
Improving React Interaction Times by 4x
Solving common performance pitfalls with React tooling and hooks
How We Improved React Loading Times by 70% with Next.js
By switching from CRA to Next.js, we reduced our initial page load times by 70% and unlocked a new level of developer experience.
DevOps Challenges
At Causal we’re constantly pushing the limits of our platform, requiring creative and smart problem solving to overcome those hurdles.

Metric Integrations

Learn about how Causal integrates with a range of popular platforms, and the metrics you can pull from them.

Financial Glossary

Learn your way through advanced financial modelling concepts with our information-packed glossary.

Excel/Sheets Guide

Learn how to do just about anything in Excel or Google Sheets, with our 400 article guide.

Formulae Handbook

Our complete guide to every formula you'd ever use, in both Excel and Google Sheets.

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