Case Study

How Branch Brings Accuracy, Speed and Insights to its Scaling Business

Learn how Branch took their FP&A processes to new heights with Causal
5 days saved per month
on financial close and reporting processes
Greater confidence in accuracy
Improved growth forecast accuracy by 70%
Share real-time insights
to executive team and all 20 department leaders
$229 million
Learn how Branch saved 5 days per month on reporting and increased forecast accuracy by 70% with Causal

The problem

Modelling at a detailed, multi-dimensional level is crucial for the Branch finance team to understand their growth levers. While playing a key role in their country-wide expansion plans, the Branch finance team reached the limits of spreadsheet-based planning:

  • Complex multi-dimensional modelling — With four product offerings, an expansion from 5 to 50 states and a need to plan by product, geography, and acquisition channel, there was no chance that Excel could keep up with the level of dimensionality that the Branch team needed. This lack of model flexibility, increased workbook loading times, and endless manual transformations slowed the finance team to the point of paralysis.
  • Forecast accuracy — As a venture-backed company, managing cash runway is crucial for Branch. Having constantly changing requirements (new products, new territories), the broken cell references and the lack of audit trail made the team lose confidence in the quality and accuracy of their models.
  • Delivering timely insights — The size and manual nature of each model made communicating results to decision-makers virtually impossible. In their email instructions, each executive was told to close every application on their computer in order to see their models. Insights needed to be shared more efficiently and with more frequency —  something needed to change.

The solution

The Branch team had to prioritize finding a flexible and scalable FP&A platform that could accommodate their detailed modeling requirements and better inform insights across the business.

Flexible and scalable multi-dimensional modeling

The Branch team has built a series of flexible multi-dimensional models that scale alongside their growth. With models driving revenue, capacity and headcount plans, the finance team is not only better informing business decisions but is also planning with more accuracy, detail and frequency than ever before. These projections are then layered with real-time scenario plans (base-case, down-side, up-side) enabling the team to make adjustments depending on region and product performance.

Detailed and accurate cohort modeling

The ability to track customer cohorts, unit economics (LTV, CAC, campaign effectiveness) and measure profitability was critical.

The Branch finance team had to build these capabilities and so built a series of cohort models that allows them to drill down and track the state, product and acquisition channel-level detail. This unlocked the ability to inform the business on customer and product health and make agile changes as needed.

Real-time insights to enable faster decisions

By leveraging the views feature in Causal which allows for controlled, individualized interactions with the model, the finance team created customized views for each team, allowing them to closely track KPIs. Now armed with connected data, on-demand access and an ongoing view of performance, each team feels empowered to make more informed decisions.

The outcome

Strategic finance

With connected data and a series of dynamic models, the Branch finance team is able to plan in real-time while having higher confidence in their forecast accuracy.

Causal has allowed them to reduce the time spent on process management and maximize time spent on providing insights to all levels of the business.

They have positioned themselves as extensions of each department as they provide results, insights, and accurate forecasts that are baked in reality and data. This data and insight-driven culture has permeated across the business as department heads and executives can now track performance on a daily basis.

Continuous planning

With connected data and a series of dynamic models, the Branch finance team is able to plan in real-time while having higher confidence in their forecast accuracy.

420 employees $229m FUnding
"Causal lets us plan with confidence as we expand across the US. With each state having its own regulatory requirements and acquisition strategy, we needed a platform that could support the level of modelling detail, speed, and accuracy that the business required, and we found just that in Causal."
Brady Ellis
Vice President, FInance

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