Advanced guides

Our collection of advanced content guides

Metric Integrations

Learn about how Causal integrates with a range of popular platforms, and the metrics you can pull from them.

Financial Glossary

Learn your way through advanced financial modelling concepts with our information-packed glossary.

Excel/Sheets Guide

Learn how to do just about anything in Excel or Google Sheets, with our 400 article guide.

Formulae Handbook

Our complete guide to every formula you'd ever need to use, covering both Excel and Google Sheets.

Excel FAQs

Our answer to the most commonly searched Excel queries and frequently asked questions.

What's the Difference?

Understand the difference between commonly mistaken financial metrics, with our comprehensive guide.

Excel Shortcuts

Become an Excel machine with our in-depth guide to the most commonly used shortcuts.

Finance Explained

Get to grips with advanced financial concepts, through our comprehensive guide on finance.

Platform Comparison

Compare different HR, finance, and CRM platforms.

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